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Charles and Kathleen Minacapelli are modest about the business they've built and the client rapport they've cultivated. According to Charles, when the husband and wife team opened SEQUEL Design Associates, Inc. in 1994, their goals were to build strong, satisfying relationships with their clients. [ ... ]

Take Control With Content Management

September 2017

Content Management Systems (CMS) are application software tools used for creating, editing, managing, and publishing digital content. Create and manage web pages, blog posts, news articles, site navigation, feature sliders, photo galleries, shopping cart items, and more, with a solid content management system tailored to specific web business needs. Customize your site, manage content, and generate reports. [ ... ]

Building Applications to Help Manage Your Business

August 2017

SEQUEL Design is simply not just a web designer building fancy websites that look great. We're programmers as well. We code and build a variety of applications to meet the demands of any business. From developing custom content management systems, to creating a program interacting with a user's computer and file system, to building administrative portals that manage user access, inventory, job applicants, notifications, and many more. [ ... ]

What is Responsive Design? - Two Birds, One Stone!

July 2017

Websites provide a communicative voice giving credibility to businesses by providing value and necessary information to visitors. Having a user-friendly site is key to good design. As more people are using mobile devices and tablets to browse the internet, there is more to think about in terms of design and SEO. If a website is not designed for mobile, a high rank in search results will not last long. Google will interpret a high bounce rate as a website that is not offering relevant content and most likely suffer [ ... ]