Building Applications to Help Manage Your Business

An application, also referred to as a program or an app, is software that allows users to perform specific tasks. They can be standalone used for desktop or laptop computers, developed for the web, integrated into a website, or developed for mobile use called a mobile app.

Developing custom content management systems

SEQUEL Design is simply not just a web designer building fancy websites that look great. We’re programmers as well. We code and build a variety of applications to meet the demands of any business.

From developing custom content management systems, to creating a program interacting with a user’s computer and file system, to building administrative portals that manage user access, inventory, job applicants, notifications, and many more.

Comprehensive content management systems

We have built complex integrated application systems that include a comprehensive content management system for continuing medical education testing, fully functional data reporting, a sophisticated tracking system for a collections agency, an internal marketing request system, and a variety of other tools needed to help businesses succeed in this changing digital market.

With people on the go, we’re consulting and working with mobile apps to achieve goals of user interaction.

Custom builds vs off the shelf

We’re always looking at the bottom line and what is most affordable to benefit client wishes. We start with what is available off-shelf and look to modify and tailor the application based on requirements, needs, and expectations. There are times where there is a limited budget and we must turn to a product already on the market.

Then there are times where custom built is the better solution. Clients looking for very specific details would allow us to code much more efficiently, saving costs in the long run. Either way, we can modify an existing application or build an application from scratch.

Looking for tools that help manage your business?

  • Administrative Portals
  • Custom Content Management
  • Tracking Systems
  • Reporting and Data
  • Mobile Apps
  • Interactive Multimedia
  • Programs for Windows and Mac
  • …and much more

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