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Take Control With Content Management

Take Control With Content ManagementContent Management Systems (CMS) are application software tools used for creating, editing, managing, and publishing digital content. Create and manage web pages, blog posts, news articles, site navigation, feature sliders, photo galleries, shopping cart items, and more, with a solid content management system tailored to specific web business needs. Customize your site, manage content, and generate reports.

CMS tools provide administrative users the ability to maintain content with no technical or coding knowledge. Easily edit, style, and update content through a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor in a visual view, or for some, learning HTML can be helpful. Sites built in a CMS will save time and increase efficiency allowing publishers to update on their own terms.

Keeping website content fresh is an integral component in search engine optimization and staying relevant by improving search related rankings. Websites with user interaction such as blogs that allow for comments, discussion forums, article like ability, and social media sharing features enhances fresh content contribution while increasing traffic.

Open source solutions that are well supported like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal bring vast communities of developers allowing for continual growth and expansion. They are well documented and widely popular allowing web developers to easily code and find plugins to serve any purpose and need. An open source CMS is extremely customizable, portable, and the cost is free.

Choosing a propriety solution may eliminate the initial development time and cost, however, it comes at a cost; either leasing or purchasing the CMS software to self-host. Further development may be slow and functionality limited based on the timeframe of an updated CMS version release. To maintain a current licensed version, continual monthly or yearly fees are required.

When open source and propriety may not cut it due to limitations, there are options for a custom built CMS. Why recreate the wheel when so much has already been created? Manage registrants, users, members, content, files, articles, inventory, ordering, and so much more through a simple navigational interface. Completely customized and tailored to specific wishes and needs.

Why a CMS?

  • Control and Maintain Website Updates
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Improve Search Related Rankings & Relevance
  • Establish Category and Taxonomy Organization
  • Workflow Implementation
  • Content Management (creation, publishing, editing, versioning, archiving)
  • Media Storage (files, documents, images)
  • User Management
  • Theme or Custom Design
  • Wide Range of Plugins (some at a cost, others free)
    • Online Form, Survey, Quiz Creation
    • Feature Sliders
    • Photo and Video Galleries
    • Member Management
    • E-Commerce Shopping Cart
    • Publication Tools
    • Job Board
    • Website Security
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • ...and much more

Contact us to set up your CMS today! We'll not only get you started, but as your web developer, we can code custom functionality and tailor any specific need while making it easy for you to update. Not only do we use third-party content management solutions but we can provide and build a custom CMS just for you.

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