Hosting & Email

Dedicated and cloud-hosting solutions

Unbeatable reliability and exceptional service is our top priority. Your success shouldn’t be clouded by concerns of downtime. Our U.S. based support experts provide our clients with dedicated and cloud-hosting solutions that help your business grow.

Maryland, Pennsylvania & New Hampshire

Secure the experts

Sequel’s technology background allows us to provide clients with dedicated and cloud hosting solutions that help your business grow. We take on the responsibility of keeping your daily electronic communications at its highest level.

We’ve partnered with a national hosting company that provides 24/7 support. We have in place server and website monitoring with alert notifications to maintain solid uptime performance. We provide server support in ColdFusion, PHP, and ASP.NET hosting.

Our hosting and email services include the following:

  • Dedicated and Cloud hosting solutions
  • Email services with reputable providers such as Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspace
  • Collaborative Business Tools
  • Analytics and Site Traffic Monitoring
  • WordPress Hosting
  • ColdFusion Hosting
  • ASP.NET Hosting
Hosting & Email